Bursary Ticket Terms & Conditions

Besides the General Terms & Conditions (see HERE), bursary tickets are subject to additional terms & conditions.

A certain number of discounted tickets are available for students in receipt of a full Newton Trust bursary. Partial bursary students are not eligible for the discount.

These students will be able to purchase Hughes Hall May Ball tickets at 20% off the full ticket price (£95), priced at £75, provided they will be able to provide proof of their bursary when picking up the ticket.

Bursary students may only buy one bursary ticket, to be used for themselves – any tickets for guests must be bought at full price.

Confirmation of your purchase will be through a mobile phone text. Tickets will be in the form of a paper ticket with a unique barcode linked to the ticket holder’s name. The primary ticket holder is responsible for the collection of their ticket. To access their tickets, bursary students must provide ID in the form of a driving license/ passport/ Cambridge card, as well as proof of their eligibility as a full bursary student. Details of ticket collection will be circulated prior to the ball.

Evidence of full bursary may be in the form of proof from Student Finance England that your household income has been assessed at £25,000 or below (thus eligible for the full bursary), or an email from your College or the University stating that you are eligible for the full bursary.

If on collection the ticket holder fails to provide proof of full bursary, they must either pay the price for a full ticket (£95), or they will not be allowed entry to the ball.

All bursary tickets must be named and the name on the ticket cannot be changed. Under no circumstances may bursary tickets be sold on. Anyone found in breach of this position will have their tickets cancelled without refund, and will be refused admission to the ball.

The committee reserves the right to amend, add and/or replace any of these terms and conditions; any such alteration will be posted on the Hughes Hall May Ball website prior to the ball.

You can buy Bursary Tickets by clicking HERE.